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201 & Up


1 – 200

201 & Up







Here is a list of questions you may have regarding your fundraiser.
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  • What kind of groups can do fundraisers?

    The Triangle works with schools, youth sports teams, church groups, civic groups and others who wish to have a creative and tasty fundraiser.

  • Do we have to be a 501c organization?

    We allow any organized charitable organization to utilize our fundraisers.

  • Are there any other Triangle products we can sell?

    Our fundraisers are organized for our subs, but if you wish to add any other specialty item like Tshirts or Bakery items, feel free to ask.

Here are just some of the fantastic reviews
Happy Customers

Posted by April Grasha on Thursday, March 19, 2020
Everytime I stop in its busy as hell. Stopped today for a bite with my dad, must have hit at the right time cause it wasn't super busy. Well there was a constant flow of people but no real waiting. Subs were as always bomb as hell. Staff great as always too. Well worth the trip from Mt Washington, not like its super far tho...
Rich Arensberg
- Loyal Customer
Hoagies are indeed the best, but when have employees that speak and great each customer, you know you're at a great place!! This is why Tom is so picky with his hiring "must have" list...excellent food and a great team
Sandy Clark
- Blog writer at Tumblr
We just love our Super Battleship. We even got a destroyer for lunch next day. My father who is 85 yrs old heard we were stopping in the Triangle and told me when he drove that bus route he would stop the bus and place his order and on his way back stop the bus and pick his order up.(all before cell phone days).
MaryBeth Daly
- Reviewer at BBN TV